Virtual Study Abroad this Summer - London Life and Culture

Join Dr. April Bullock for virtual study abroad this summer. This virtual study abroad course includes cooking classes, a street art tour, live opera and ballet, and more, for the cost of one summer session class.                         

HSS 250 London Life and Culture GE C3 & Z 

London skyline

Liberal Studies student catalogs Santa Ana murals

Prepare for the Special Ed Credential with a B.A. in Liberal Studies!

Prepare for the Foundational Level Math Credential with a B.A. in Liberal Studies!

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Liberal Studies is an exciting and intellectually challenging interdisciplinary major that provides students with a unique opportunity to acquire and integrate knowledge from the humanities, arts, natural sciences, and social sciences. Our students become well-rounded persons, critical thinkers, culturally sensitive citizen, and creative problem solvers, who succeed in many careers: teachers (elementary, special ed, middle school), lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs, administrators in schools and government, non-profit organizers, etc (for a list click here!).


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At the heart of our education are the Liberal Studies Core Courses (30 units), which provide a thorough foundation in the arts & humanities, science, and social thought/science. In addition, students take one of two emphases (21 units). The Elementary Education Emphasis provides an excellent preparation for teaching diverse subjects in elementary schools and for being admitted to a multiple-subject teaching credential program. (Such admission requires passing the CSET, which 85% of our students do on their first attempt, 5% on their second.) Under the Interdisciplinary Thematic Emphasis, students select a personalized set of courses devoted to the study of specific interdisciplinary themes, which can range from special education to pre-law to rock music.

LBST 101  Introduction to the Social Sciences with Prof. Patterson
LBST 304  Liberal Studies in the Sciences with Prof. Garber or Prof. Patterson
LBST 340  Food in the Social Sciences with Prof. Bullock
LBST 485  Senior Seminar in Cultural Diversity with Prof. Patterson
LBST 488  Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies with Prof. Patterson
LBST 489  Senior Seminar in Gender Issues with Prof. Garber