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    Liberal Studies is an exciting and rigorously challenging interdisciplinary major that provides students with a unique opportunity to study and integrate concepts from the humanities and arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. Liberal Studies students explore the methods, underlying assumptions, and forms of interaction within and between these disciplines. They develop a capacity for critical thinking, a comprehensive academic background, and the communications skills that provide the self-confidence that comes from being culturally sensitive, intellectually independent, creative, and well-rounded.

    There are two options through which students can complete the graduation requirements for the Liberal Studies major. Many students choose a major in Liberal Studies as undergraduate preparation for subsequent careers in elementary education. For these students the Elementary Education Plan is usually the appropriate option. For students planning careers in single subject education or in fields outside education, the Interdisciplinary Thematic Plan provides the opportunity to choose a personalized set of courses devoted to the study of a specific interest. Detailed information on each of these options is available through the sidebar links to the left.

    An Important Announcement Regarding the Liberal Studies Curriculum

    The Liberal Studies Department has made some adjustments to the graduation requirements that are effective for students who have a catalog year of 2012 or later. The changes do not apply to students whose last period of continuous enrollment at CSUF or a Community College started prior to fall 2012. The following links will connect you to both the old and new requirements for either the Elementary Education Plan or the Interdisciplinary Thematic Plan.

    •  Elementary Education Plan requirements for students with catalog year prior to 2012    

    •  Elementary Education Plan requirements for students with catalog year 2012 or later

    •  Thematic Plan requirements for students with catalog year prior to 2012

    •  Thematic Plan requirements for students with catalog year 2012 or later

    Please contact the Department if you have any questions about these changes.

    Lisa Antonucci: 2014 Commencement Speaker
    Lisa Antonucci

                 Lisa's Speech


    Faculty - 2010 Commencement


    Students and Faculty - 2011 Commencement


    Commencement 2010

    Paul Burt - 2012 Commencement

    Paul Burt - 2012 Graduating Student Commencement Speaker


    Liberal Studies Softball Team - Spring 2011

    Cristina Rosetti - Commencement 2012

    Cristina Rosetti - 2012 Graduating Student Commencement Speaker

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March 18-20, 2016:
 An interdisciplinary conference:
"Writing Lives Across the Disciplines"

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