Cultural Heritage Studies

The advising track in Cultural Heritage Studies is an interdisciplinary plan for students interested in advanced studies or careers related to the collection, preservation, and diffusion of artistic and cultural heritage.

The curriculum combines the Liberal Studies core courses with elective courses from other CSUF departments. It culminates with the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (LBST 482) or completion of an independent study project (499) that can be combined with an internship in a museum, conservation society, or similar institution.

Students following a Cultural Heritage Studies track might focus on local, national, or international contexts. Students might also choose a focus on theoretical issues related to the interpretation and understanding of cultural and artistic heritage, or on applied fields related to the areas of restoration and preservation, management of heritage sites, non-profit cultural institutions, and policy making, among others.

The field of Heritage Studies responds to an increasing awareness of the need to value and protect the cultural patrimony of humanity. This growing field is associated with a wide range of professional opportunities in the public and private sectors, and in organizations such as museums, heritage sites, advocacy groups, conservation societies, and educational institutions.

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Required Courses:   

Liberal Studies Core Courses (30 units)

Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Seminar (LBST 482)  or
Independent Study Project (499) in Cultural Heritage Studies (3 units)  

Cultural Heritage Studies Elective Courses (18 units)

Your advisor will help you select from a wide range of courses outside the department that are suitable for your study plan. A few examples of possible courses:  

Arts and Humanities (Choose at least two courses)

ART 300  Writing in the Visual Arts
ART 320  History of Architecture Before the Modern Era
ART 453A/B  Exhibition Design
ART 459  Art History of the Ancient Americas
ART 464  Museum Conservation
ART 466  Museum Education
DANC 301  Dance and Cultural Diversity
ENGL 429  American Landscape in Literature
MUS 303  World Music
MUS 351A  History and Literature of Western Music
PHIL 311  Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art and Beauty
THTR 300  Theatre and Cultural Diversity
THTR 475A  World Theatre

Social Sciences (Choose at least two courses)

AMST 395  Californian Cultures
ANTH 306  Culture and Art
ANTH 321  Peoples of Native North America
ANTH 402  Museum Science
ANTH 403  Archaeological Fieldwork
ANTH 420  Visual Anthropology
CHIC 302  Ancient Mexican Culture
COMM 300 Visual Communication
COMM 362 Public Relations Writing I
GEOG 371  The National Parks
HIST 402A  Introduction to Public History
HIST 404  Community History
POSC 315  Introduction to Public Policy

Natural Sciences (may choose at least one course)

BIOL 300  Environmental Biology and Sustainability
BIOL 314  Population and Community Ecology
CHEM 325 Inorganic Chemistry
EGME 322L  Introduction to Computer-Aided Design
KNES 381  History of Sports, Games and Culture