The Liberal Studies Elementary Education Plan 

The ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PLAN is designed for students planning to enter multiple subject teaching credential programs and pursue careers teaching elementary school or middle school. Elementary Education Plan majors choose 21 units of Pre-Professional courses in addition to the Liberal Studies Core. Use this course listPDF File  to chart your progress toward graduation.

Core Courses (30 Units)

NOTE: The Liberal Studies Core is sequential and the courses should be taken as they are grouped below. For instance, your first semester you should take 300 and 302A, and fill out the remainder of your classes from the Pre-Professional section. In your second semester, you should take 302B and 301; third semester, take LBST 303, 304, 305, and conclude with LBST 401 and a Senior Seminar.

  • LBST 300  Introduction to Liberal Studies (3)
  • LBST 302A Historical Dimension of Liberal Studies (3)
  • LBST 302B Historical Dimension of Liberal Studies (3)
  • LBST 301 Inquiry and Composition in Liberal Studies (3) (Satisfies the CSUF upper-division writing requirement)
  • LBST 303 Liberal Studies in the Humanities and Arts (3)
  • LBST 304 Liberal Studies in the Sciences (3)
  • LBST 305 Liberal Studies in the Social Sciences (3)
  • LBST/PHIL 401 Knowledge in the Arts and Sciences (3)
  • One of the following Senior Seminars: LBST 485 Cultural Diversity, LBST 486 Humanities & Arts, LBST 487 Evolution and Creation, LBST 488 Environmental Studies, LBST 489 Gender Issues, LBST 490 Great Books, LBST 491 Literature and Science, or LBST 492 History of the Information Machine  (3)
  • One Interdisciplinary Studies course: LBST 310, 315, 322, 323, 330, 331, 333, 335, 337, 340, or 341 [Can be taken any semester.] (3)

Pre-Professional Courses (21 Units)

I. Arts & Humanities (6 units)
            A. Visual and Performing Arts (3 units)                                          
                 ART 380 OR MUS 433 OR a 3 unit Upper Division course in Art, Music, or Theatre and Dance  
            B. Language and Literature (3 units)
                 ENGL/LING 206 OR ENGL 341 OR THTR 311
                OR one of ENGL 211, 212, 221, 222
                OR a 3-unit Upper Division course in Comparative Literature, English, European Studies, Modern Languages and Literature, Linguistics

II. Mathematics & Natural Sciences (6 units)

                A. Mathematics (3 units):       MATH 303B                                                         
                B. Natural Sciences (3 units):GEOL 410 OR BIOL 453                                 

III. Social Science and Cultural Diversity (6 units)
            A. Social Sciences (3 units)                                                                
ONE of ANTH 333 ANTH 350, GEOG 350, PSYC 311, SOCI 352
OR a 3-unit Upper Division course in Anthropology, Economics, Geography,
History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Comparative Religion, or Sociology
            B. Cultural Diversity (3 units)
ONE of: AFRO 304, AMST 395, ASAM 342, CHIC 305, HCOM 320, SOCI 357, WMST 302
OR a 3-unit Upper Division Course that meets the CSUF GE Cultural Diversity Requirement (Z) in one of the following departments:
American Studies, African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicana and
Chicano Studies, Human Communication, Latin American Studies, Women’s Studies

IV. Elective (3 units)                                                                                     
One 3-unit upper division course from one of the following departments:
Biochemistry, Biological Science, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics
OR another 3 unit upper division course from any department listed above in categories I.A. I.B, III.A, or III.B 

Three additional courses are prerequisites for admission to the CSUF multiple subject teaching credential program; they are not requirements for the Liberal Studies major. For more information about credential programs at CSUF, consult the Center for Careers in TeachingOpens in new window .
CAS 312 or CAS 315 or CAS 325 A&B or PSYC 361
EDEL 315
EDEL 325