Global Studies

The advising track in Global Studies is an interdisciplinary individualized study plan that combines the Liberal Studies core courses with elective courses relevant to Global Studies. It is suitable for students interested in careers or advanced study in areas that require an understanding of global systems, processes, and culture.

Students following a Global Studies track may choose to focus on specific aspects such as global arts and culture; global media and communications; global business and economics; or politics, social movements, and human rights from a global perspective.

Students will complete the Liberal Studies core courses and select their elective courses from at least two of the three areas of Liberal Studies: the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Students also complete a research project either through the Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Seminar (LBST 482) or independent study on a topic in interdisciplinary global studies (499).    

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Required Courses:

Liberal Studies Core Courses (30 units)

Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Seminar (LBST 482) or 499: Independent Study Project in Global Studies (3 units)  

Global Studies Elective Courses (18 units)

Your advisor will help you select from a wide range of possible courses outside the Liberal Studies Department that are suitable for your study plan.  A few examples of possible courses:

 Arts and Humanities (Choose at least two courses)

AFAM 346 African Experience
ART462 Latin American Art from 1800 to the 1950s
CHIC 480 The Immigrant and the Chicano
COMM 426 Global Media Systems
CPRL 305 Contemporary Practices of the World’s Religions
HIST 360 Modern Asia: Nationalism and Revolutionary Change
HIST 460 The Chinese Diaspora
HIST 468 The Middle East in the 20th Century
MUS 303 World Music

Social Sciences (Choose at least two courses)

ANTH 329 Peoples of the Caribbean
ANTH 415 Anthropology of Tourism
ANTH 482 Globalization and Culture Change
P0SC 331 Third World Politics through Literature
POSC 445 Globalization, Justice and Democracy
POSC 451T Problems in International Politics
POSC 457 Politics of International Economics
ECON 433 The Less Developed Countries and the Word Economy
GEOG 335 Global Cuisines (GE Lifelong Learning)
GEOG 422 Global Climate Change  
GEOG 452 Ecotourism

Natural Sciences (may choose one course)

BIOL 314 Population and Community Ecology
BIOL 481 Advances in Evolution and Ecology