The Pre-Law advising track provides an interdisciplinary individualized study plan that combines the Liberal Studies core courses with elective courses in legal and policy issues and skills useful for careers in law, public policy, or human rights advocacy. Students choose their electives from courses in at least two of the three areas of Liberal Studies: the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Students also complete a research project either through the Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Seminar (LBST 482) or through independent study (499) on an interdisciplinary topic in pre-law studies.

Interdisciplinary Thematic Emphasis students using this advising track might choose to focus on a specific legal domain such as international law, commercial law, human rights advocacy, criminology, or government and public administration.

Required Courses:

Liberal Studies Core Courses (30 units)

Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Seminar (LBST 482)  or 499: Independent Study Project in Law or Public Policy (3 units)  

Pre-law Elective Courses (18 units)

Your advisor will help you select from a wide range of possible courses outside the department that are suitable for your study plan. Examples of possible courses include

CRJU 300  Foundations of Criminal Justice
CRJU 330  Theories of Crime and Delinquency
CRJU 465  Law, Punishment, and Justice
HIST 480B  American Legal and Constitutional History
PHIL 355  Philosophy and Law in America
PHIL 320  Contemporary Moral Issues
POSC 315  Introduction to Public Policy
POSC 322  Leadership for Public Service
POSC 421  Government and the Economy
POSC 375  Law, Politics and Society
POSC 445  Globalization, Justice and Democracy
POSC 472  Judicial Politics
POSC 474  Civil Liberties
PSYC 317  Psychology and Law                                                                                                                 SOCI 365  Law and Society