Special Education  

The Special Education advising track is an interdisciplinary individualized study plan that combines the Liberal Studies core courses with elective courses relevant to Special Education . Students choose elective courses from the three general areas of Liberal Studies: the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Students also complete a research project either through the Senior Research Seminar (LBST 482) or independent study (499) on a topic in special education.

Required Courses:

Liberal Studies Core Courses (30 units)

Research Seminar (LBST 482)
or Independent Study (499) in Special Education (3 units)  

Special Education Elective Courses (18 units)

An advisor will help you select from a wide range of courses outside the Liberal Studies department that are suitable for your study plan.  A few examples of possible courses:

SPED 371 Exceptional Individual
SPED 322 Introduction to Positive Behavior Support
SPED 425 Language and Culture for Special Populations
HCOM 404 Communicative Disorders of the Bilingual/Multicultural Child
CAS 315 Child Development
ENGL 341 Children’s Literature
THTR 311 Oral Interpretation of Children’s Literature 
PSYC 341 Abnormal Psychology