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February 24-25, 2017

 An interdisciplinary conference:

Epidemics: The SHAPES of Global Disease
(Socio-Historical, Artistic and Political Expressions and Epidemiologies)

 1 December 2014

 "Copernicus and the Astrologers", a lecture by Robert Westman, University of California, San Diego
4:00 PM Titan Theater, Titan Student UnionPDF File

29 October 2014 

"A World Shaped by Miracles: Rafting Monkeys and the Nature of Evolutionary HistoryPDF File "
a lecture by Alan de QueirozOpens in new window , Biology Department, University of Nevada, Reno
4:00 PM  SGMH 1506
Alan de Queiroz Lecture

 24 April 2014

Kevin Lambert CSUF Department of Liberal Studies
A Scientific Object at the Paris Opéra: A Pygmalion Moment in French Enlightenment Public Science 5:30 PM  Humanities 226

 20 March 2014

Duana Fullwiley Opens in new window Stanford University, Department of Anthropology
Difference, Disease, and the Writing of Genetic Science: The Experience of "Senegalese" Sickle Cell
5:30 PM  University Hall 252
Duana Fullwiley

 7-8 March 2014

Why Things MatterPDF File : an interdisciplinary conference on material culture ProgramPDF File
Breakfast March 2014

 13 February, 2014

Patrick SharpOpens in new window
California State University Los Angeles Liberal Studies Department
Evolution's Amazons: Women and Science Fiction in the Early Twentieth CenturyPDF File
5:30 PM  Humanities 125

Patrick Sharp lecturing



 12 December 2013

  Dr. Volker JanssenOpens in new window , CSUF Department of History
"In Flesh and Blood: Questions about Health, Discipline, and Bio-Technology in postwar AmericaPDF File "
5:30PM   Humanities 110

 7 November 2013

 Dr. James MooreOpens in new window  Open University, London
 "Making Livings: Why Wallace's and Darwin's Theories of Evolution were Worlds ApartPDF File "
5:30PM   Humanities 110

Jim Moore and Jim Hofmann

 17 October 2013

 "Creating a Transnational Social SciencePDF File :  Studying
Culture, Personality, and Prejudice in the 1930s"
by Dr Leila Zenderland Opens in new window CSUF American Studies Department
5:30 PM Humanities 110

26 September 2013

 "Earthquakes: The History, the Hype, the HazardPDF File "
by Dr Susan Hough Opens in new window U.S. Geological Survey, Pasadena
5:30 PM Humanities 110
Susan Hough media spikes

9 May 2013

 "The Nine Lives of Albert EinsteinPDF File "
by Dr. Craig McConnell, Liberal Studies Department, CSUF
5:30 PM  Langsdorf Hall 321

 25 April 2013

  "Chinese American ScientistsPDF File : A Study in Transnational History of Science and Technology"
by Dr. Zuoyue WangOpens in new window , History Dept., Cal Poly Pomona
5:30 PM  Langsdorf Hall 321

19-20 April 2013

 Traditions and TransformationsPDF File : An Interdiscipliinary Food Studies Conference

 7 March 2013

"Communicating Chemical Secrets & Expertise in the 17th c. Holy Roman EmpirePDF File "
by Dr. Margaret Garber, CSUF Department of Liberal Studies
5:30PM   Langsdorf Hall 321

26 February 2013

"The RevisionariesPDF File ", a film screening following by discussion with faculty and students.
4:00 PM Mackey Auditorium, Ruby Gerontology Center (RGC-13)

 14 February 2013    "The Age of Modernist TransformationPDF File : 1880-1930.
    A Discussion Inspired by Jeremy Gray's Volume Plato's Ghost"
    by Dr. Bogdan SuceavaOpens in new window , CSUF Professor of Mathematics
    5:30 PM  Langsdorf Hall 402



 6 December 2012

"Challenging Darwinism: Expanding, Extending, ReplacingPDF File "
Dr. Bruce WeberOpens in new window , Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry at CSUF and Robert H. Woodworth Chair in Science and Natural Philosophy, Bennington College.
Humanities 226

1 November 2012  

"Fordism, Big Science, and the Manhattan ProjectPDF File
Dr. Charles Thorpe, UC San Diego
Mihaylo Hall 1307 5:30PM

 11 October 2012

Crocoduck Mania: How People Insist upon Misunderstanding Evolutionary BiologyPDF File "
Professor Jim Hofmann, CSUF Liberal Studies Department
Humanities 110 5:30PM

 4 October 2012

Open Mic NightPDF File  7:00 - 10:00PM
Humanities 223

 26 September 2012

 "Who is Afraid of Liberal Studies?"PDF File
Jawad Ali, Lecturer, CSUF Liberal Studies Department
with special guests, LBST alumni Tyler Shumaker, Jason Jacobsen, and Anna Jacobsen
Location: Mihaylo Hall- SGMH 2406
Sponsored by the Liberal Studies Student Association

   18 September 2012

"Religious Cognition and The Lisbon EarthquakePDF File : The story of a natural disaster and its psychological effects."
Ryan NicholsOpens in new window , Associate Professor, CSUF Philosophy Department
Sponsored by the CSUF Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine

Ryan Nichols 

 April 13 2012

"What Did Food Taste Like 500 Years Ago?"PDF File  A lecture and cooking demonstration on Renaissance food by Food Historian Ken Albala from the University of the Pacific

iAlbala potluck






Chemerinsky and LSHS President Joel Thayer











March 3, 2008

Barbara Forest and Troy Brittain

October 28, 2008



April 11

Flock of Dodos Panel