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Faculty Photo May 2017

Liberal Studies is an exciting and intellectually challenging interdisciplinary major that provides students with a unique opportunity to acquire and integrate knowledge from the humanities, arts, natural sciences, and social sciences. Our students become well-rounded persons, critical thinkers, culturally sensitive citizen, and creative problem solvers, who succeed in many careers: teachers (elementary, special ed, middle school), lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs, administrators in schools and government, non-profit organizers, etc (for a list click here!).


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At the heart of our education are the Liberal Studies Core Courses (30 units), which provide a thorough foundation in the arts & humanities, science, and social thought/science. In addition, students take one of two emphases (21 units). The Elementary Education Emphasis provides an excellent preparation for teaching diverse subjects in elementary schools and for being admitted to a multiple-subject teaching credential program. Under the Interdisciplinary Thematic Emphasis, students select a personalized set of courses devoted to the study of specific interdisciplinary themes, which can range from special education to pre-law to rock music.