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Gloria Harwood

Gloria Harwood, 8th Grade Science Teacher
Chaparral Middle School, Diamond Bar, CA

 During the second semester of my Sophomore year I had a change of heart about my future and decided to pursue my passion in teaching science to grades 6-12. After learning more about the program, I decided that the thematic plan in Liberal Studies was a perfect fit for my interests in the sciences. I was designing my own major, it was perfect! Prior to entering the LBST program, I was so accustomed to memorizing biology terms and reciting information. Once I started taking the LBST core courses, I began to learn more about the process of how to think about science and its relationship to the world. It gave me a more colorful view into understanding and appreciating connections within our society and beyond. As a current 8th grade science teacher, I continue to use what I learned from my former LBST professors. I use the articles that Dr. Garber and Dr. Lambert had us read to compare past scientific theory to current.  I teach different topics of chemistry with the pieces of art and music that I learned about in Dr. Sancho-Velasquez's class. Connecting the 8th grade material I teach with what I learned in the LBST program makes learning so much fun for my students because they learn that science isn't just an isolated subject, rather we can find it in all facets of our world.